Provisioning a vault

This document describe how to provision a vault using the S3Vaultlib CLI and AWS CloudFormation (via the console)

Provisioning the S3Vault

Let’s generate the default config with:

s3vaultcli create_s3vault_config -o myconfig.yml
  • edit the example configuration by setting the target S3 bucket to use as vault. The output should look like the following (comments are stripped out):
    bucket: "test-bucket-for-s3-vault"
    - name: role_admin
      privileges: [read, write]
      path: _all_
      managed_policies: []
    - name: role_webserver
      privileges: [read]
      kms_alias: role_webserver
        - webserver/
    - name: role_mysql
      privileges: [read]
      kms_alias: role_mysql
      - mysql/
  • with the CLI now we are going to create the cloudformation template for the vault
s3vaultcli create_cloudformation -c test.yml -o test.template
  • Now in the AWS Console we enter CloudFormation and we create a new template from file and we upload test.template. In a while we should have our vault completely configured.